Digital transformation has revived an upskilling and reskilling uprising. Now with the COVID-19 pandemic schools, businesses and organizations are realizing with the increasing use of technology they must invest in eLearning and online training development programs for students and employees.

Employers are looking for a skilled workforce.

Many students are not graduating with the skills needed to succeed in today’s job market. We help bridge the skills gap and the digital divide through the online career and technical training programs for teens, adult learners, women, and return to work initiatives for veterans, displaced workers, and those returning to society.

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Distance Learning

We offer several learning management platforms and eLearning solutions, for classrooms that enhance in-class teaching with increased student engagement and real-time feedback on students’ level of engagement.

Virtual Workforce Development

We help organizations create virtual workforce development strategies empowering them to implement virtual training programs for their staff and workforce community development initiatives.

Content Conversion

We offer solutions to design, and create course content, and convert your existing school curriculum or organization’s proprietary training into an eLearning SCORM compliant format.

Expert Consulting

We provide value through our one-on-one consulting, training and skills gap assessments to identify your organization’s unique training needs and the best cost-effective solution.

Transform your live class into a virtual experience with confidence student are safe.

We offer a turn-key solution for schools and organizations with easy-to-use tools to create and deliver courses, manage learners, and teach in real-time – transforming their live classes into a virtual experience quickly and affordably to a secure online alternative.

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We Bridge the Skills Gap Through Online
Career and Technical Training

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  • I loved these courses. I am new to Project Management and this series provided the knowledge I needed without being overwhelming. The expert video instruction was easy to follow and engaging and has allowed me to excel in my job!
  • I value my employees and needed an affordable solution to help them gain additional skills and knowledge to keep up with business and technology. These courses were a great investment and my employees love they can learn at their own pace.
  • As a veteran it had been challenging to find employment. I was interested in Cyber Security and IT but lacked the training. When I found Workforce eTraining Solutions it was a blessing. I didn't know where to start...they created a career roadmap of courses for me and I am now gainfully employed in Cyber Security!
  • We chose Workforce eTraining Solutions because of the wide variety of course topics and the affordability they offer. We've seen an increase in productivity. Our staff enjoyed taking courses to help them in their jobs and were able to take courses they were interested in on their own time.