We offer several programs helping people and students move toward a brighter future. From Adult Basic Education and High School Equivalency to College and Workforce Readiness, and Corrections Education for "second chance" programs. We are your source for quality adult education.


Our online courses are designed specifically for knowledge retention and to keep learners motivated and engaged in learning because online courses are taken in short segments. Our learning management platforms can also complement live training providing a blended learning solution.

*Special pricing for cohorts and teams

Second Chance – Re-entry Programs

For corrections, re-entry and "second chance" programs we provide a variety of academic and workplace courses. These are designed to help learners move forward quickly towards their goals and exit with the skills necessary to get and keep meaningful jobs. The Adult Basic Education courses are a great supplement for students trying to pass certification programs but lacking in basic skills.

High School Equivalency Preparation Courses Work Essentials
Adult Basic Education Courses Money Essentials
Computer Essentials

These courses are available either online or offline. Offline configurations can be stand-alone or via a local network with thin clients.

Workforce Compliance Training

With employee engagement on the top of everyone’s mind, there's no better way to keep employees engaged, stay compliant, and provide added benefits than to give them ample opportunities for professional growth through training initiatives.


We offer two extensive course libraries –Human Resources and Workplace Safety. There are more than 600 employee training courses, with engaging and interactive presentations, and valuable training tools. We’re also mobile-friendly, so your employees can train anywhere, anytime.

Human Resources/Workplace Harassment

With almost 250 courses and 90 hours of training, our human resource and workplace harassment courses include titles to help train on the Family and Medical Leave Act, HIPAA, national and state-specific workplace harassment training, and so much more!

Environmental, Health, and Safety

With over 300 courses and 127 hours of training, our workplace safety online training courses include titles to help train on OSHA safety, environmental compliance, transportation and construction safety, and so much more!

Accredited Online Education for Healthcare Industry Professionals

Course Topics

While the skills an employee walks through the door with are important, it’s also crucial to proactively manage how they develop their skills throughout their career with your organization.

  • Administration
  • Business & Soft Skills
  • Communication
  • Customer Service
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Human Resources
  • Management & Leadership
  • Microsoft Office
  • Personal Development
  • Policy & Compliance
  • Project Management
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Information Technology
  • App/Software Development
  • Cloud Computing
  • CompTIA
  • Cyber Security
  • Network & Server Adm.
  • Programming