Empower Students to Develop Skills For Your Business Growth

Students talent development for your business

No one can separate the complementary nature of students and businesses. They both need each other for their overall success. By partnering with us on the Career Pathways Partner Program, it would empower students to gain industry-specific skills and prepare them for the job market. Our online assessments and career and technical training programs help bridge the skills gap and digital divide to cater to the needs of a rapidly changing economy.

Nurture your workforce through skills development

Studies show that 73% of employers have a hard time finding skilled candidates to incorporate into their workforce. You can partner with us to help equip students with the right skills that you are looking for in a candidate. Let’s partner to empower students for the growth of your business:

  • Complimenting your HR department’s recruitment initiatives through access to a vast talent pool of candidates
  • Enhancing your brand awareness so that you become the employer of choice among the most promising potential hires
  • Promoting workplace diversity and inclusion by engaging an education partner with access to a diverse student population
  • Engaging in activities that enhance promising graduates, including hosting facility tours, guest speaking, and taking mock interviews. All these can be done in person or virtually.
  • Offering internships, job shadowing, and apprenticeships
  • Engaging career mentors in onsite and virtual industry training and events
  • Equip students with the most-demanded skills in your industry to create a rich talent pool

Enhancing education and workforce

We are bringing together schools, community colleges, nonprofit, and industry leaders who believe in our vision to reimagine education and ensure students have equitable access to learning opportunities. We go beyond geographical and socioeconomic barriers to empower your workforce. Come and be part of a team dedicated to offering resources and skills-focused learning experiences to students as they head towards a brighter future. View our current partners.



Strength in partnerships

Help local students create a successful career path and access more opportunities

Offer relevant job experiences to your workforce for future preparedness and continuity of your business

Revamp the education approach with a focus on employable skills and assistance with making well-informed career decisions

Position your brand to attract the best of future graduates

Facilitate the success journey of graduates in your industry

Workforce eTraining Solutions is at the forefront of guiding career development amongst students through detailed courses covering different sectors, including Business, Sales/Marketing, Healthcare, IT, Manufacturing, among others. Join us as we create an industry-relevant curriculum that covers training of specific skills needed by your organization and industry at large.




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