CARES Act – Perkins V – ESSA Funding eligible

Online Career and Technical Training

Start Career Exploration Early

Basic STEM concepts are best learned at an early age – in elementary and secondary school. Help students prepare for college and careers. STEM education holds the key to bridging the skills gap and digital divide eliminating barriers to learning and advancement.

K12 Offerings

Teen Career Exploration

Teen Career Path is a virtual career exploration video game where users experience the day in the life of a multiple career sectors helping students achieve better outcomes in their career planning decisions. Targeting individual strengths and interests, reduce costs in logistics with job shadowing, practice opportunities, business etiquette, and soft skills are just some of the benefits of Teen Career Path.

Program Features

  • 23 careers to explore across over 15 career sectors
  • Designed with accessibility and help tools
  • Customizable avatars
  • Covers a full work day: Getting ready, arriving, work activities, socialization, meetings with supervisors, and post work routines
  • Students receive productivity reports at the end of the lesson


Teen Career Path was supported by a National Science Foundation  Phase I & II grant.

Safer Students. Better learning.

With COVID-19 schools are having to provide instruction virtually and with that comes concern with keeping students safe, how to monitor their activity to keeping them focused and on task.

We help K-12 schools maximize the learning potential of every student by creating safe and effective digital learning environments with advanced AI. With a suite that includes content filtering, classroom management, mental health tools, and device monitoring.

Our suite of tools include:

Filtering and Monitoring

Filter and monitor any device and any OS with K-12’s most powerful content filter.

Classroom Management

Eliminate distractions and connect with students by using K-12’s leading classroom management software.

Student Mental Health Issues

Proactively identify students at risk of suicide and self-harm, with an option of 24/7 escalation.

A suicide prevention tool built just for schools

Works across search engines, chat, social media, email, webapps, and more. There is an average of 10 meaningful interventions in a month. Monitors students' school-issued Chromebooks and Windows devices.

Benefits of a unified solution:

  • Configure and manage everything from a single unified interface.
  • Simplify your digital learning environment with integrated technology.
  • Easily identify actionable insights across your district, classrooms, and devices.
  • Save money through bundling.

The most complete K-12 web filter

Protect your students from explicit content encountered in legitimate educational software tools.

Parent App

Share a student’s online activity directly with their parent or guardian.

More teaching, less managing

Eliminate distractions, connect with students, and gain back instructional time.

Teach Face-to-Face. Teach Anywhere with video conferencing

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