Assessments and Programs

We take the pain out of the traditional assessment process with our easy-to-use online assessment and skill building tools addressing various needs, including career exploration/assessment, soft skills, social-emotional learning, and more delivering reliable results.

Our programs provide a way for students and workers to build their self-confidence, to work on a computer or tablet, create their own email accounts, passwords, and build their confidence before starting any of the lesson plans. Participants also advocate for themselves on what they are interested in, the things they can do and would like to do and the skills they have and can make that connection to the jobs in the community.

Each program saves and charts the work being done by each user so you will be able to pull reports by user or by group. Users can access the programs on any device with an internet or cell connection, making the program perfect for traditional or distance learning.

All user data is electronically captured by our comprehensive management system. The system gives you usage and performance analytics, real-time data tracking, and program management tools to improve productivity and comply with federal and state reporting requirements.

Career Exploration and Assessment

The Career Exploration System is an age-appropriate transition, career exploration, career assessment and vocational assessment system related to training, education, and employment. The multimedia delivery of all assessments allows the system to focus on each individual user’s interests, abilities, and needs. You will use this program to identify career pathways and strengths and weaknesses of the individual. Then, we’ll prescribe from our certificate programs the necessary training for individuals to be work ready with the hard skills.

Available Career Areas

Soft Skills – Workforce Readiness

Our Workplace Readiness Credential is an answer to the cry businesses have had for many years for soft skills assessment and training. According to most every employer survey, soft skills trump hard skills every time, 85% soft skills to 15% hard skills. The system focuses on key soft skills such as attitude, communication, planning & organizing, critical thinking, interpersonal skills, teamwork, professionalism, and basic media rules. Available as an online or instructor-led course.

There are three series within this program - Job Readiness, Job Seeking, and Job Keeping. The areas of need will be assigned to each user automatically.

Social Emotional Learning – Success Profiler

The Success Profiler is a systematic, research-based assessment and skill-building system designed for social/emotional development. Employers have placed a premium on these key success skills that are essential for today’s workplace. These social/emotional skills are primary factors of motivation and the gateway to lifelong learning and high levels of achievement. There is a pre-assessment followed by eleven skill-building units that are assigned based off each user's pre-assessment results. The areas of need will be assigned to each user automatically.